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Foshan Pingsheng Bridge
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Foshan Pingsheng Bridge is single tower Single span four-cable plane self-anchored suspension bridge of the advanced world level, technology-enabled as a bridge with cutting edge technology in China. The bridge ranks first in the world in terms of the main span of 350 m dwarfing all other identical bridges. The main cable is 440mm in diameter and measures 2×26.1m in width. The main town stands 142.06m tall with three columns and the main span has the steel box girder with the reinforced rib and the anchor span is the concrete with the reinforced rib. The steel box girder with the reinforced rib is installed by adopting the incremental launching method and the largest box girder span is 78m and the construction is carried out on the vertical curve. The steel deck is laid with 5cm epoxy asphalt concrete. The bridge was open to traffic in October 2006 and won the New Record Prize of the Chinese Enterprises in 2007. It was awarded with the first prize of the Excellent Quality Engineering Project by Ministry of Railways in 2008 and Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Second Award in 2009.


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